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Via's Journeys

Interview #6: Exiting The Fall (DJ Williams)

Via Perkins

I had a nice conversation on the phone with DJ (the bassist for Exiting the fall - pictured below at the far right) yesterday, and he said he could most likely call me when I'm in the studio today during his lunch break at work today.

 Click the image to visit Exiting The Fall's Facebook page.

Click the image to visit Exiting The Fall's Facebook page.

Remember my post about my old band and how I came up with the name for my radio show? Well, back in high school, my bandmate Deb attended Lexington Christian Academy, and she knew Matt, the lead singer of this band. She mentioned to me that we might have a gig opportunity to play with them some night.

Unfortunately that never ended up happening, but while our band was passing out of existence, Exiting the Fall has skyrocketed to ever-higher heights. They have over 7,000 dedicated followers on their Facebook page, and they churn out high-quality tracks, music videos, merchandise, and photos constantly.

One of the most distinctive things about Exiting The Fall is their message of faith and hope in Christ, which they share through their lyrics, and the way they interact with the fans. I'm excited to talk about this, and many more things with DJ today between 2 and 4 PM!

As always, here is the link to listen in.

- Via


Time for quotes!

"A lot of people... They won't even give us the time of day as soon as they find out, 'Oh, they have a faith-based background, I won't bother to listen to them.' ...But we've also had a lot of great feedback, and a lot of people respect us for it. I think it's really great and really awesome when people who have different views still respect us."

"I remember the first time I typed in... our second EP, Parables, and I found torrents so people could download it, I'm like, 'This is awesome! People care enough to download our music for free!' And it wasn't so bad because we already had that EP paid off, so anything that we sell we're making a profit on. But it's when we're in a situation when we're still trying to pay off debt for a record, and people are downloading for free, that's when it gets kind of frustrating."

"We try to stay as humble and real as possible... It's not so much what's relevant, or what's hip, or what's cool right now... It's raw, it's real, and it's our feelings, and I think that just kind of attracts people."

This was my last live interview, so now I can play past interviews during the rest of my shows for the semester. There won't be a show next Monday because there's no school, and there are at least two weeks left of the Modern Prodigal show - I have yet to find out if shows run through finals week, but I will find that out.

I will definitely play my interview with DJ on the air on April 22nd, but be sure to leave a comment or contact me on Facebook if there is a particular interview you'd like me to play!