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Via's Journeys

Interview #7: Manny

Via Perkins

I just finished up my final interview for this project tonight with Manny! He is quite the busy man, but we finally found time to chat for a few minutes, before he jets off for his well-needed vacation in the Dominican Republic.

 Click the image to visit Manny's Soundcloud page.

Click the image to visit Manny's Soundcloud page.

Just like Terence Ryan, Manny and I met in Robert Bradshaw's songwriting class a couple of years ago. Out of the whole class, he was probably the furthest along in terms of the sophistication of his website, how regularly he updated his fans with news and new music, and the number of songs he had posted and was selling on iTunes.

His loyal fans have kept the momentum going during the times he doesn't release music, and his songs are still quite well-listened-to on Youtube, and are still often downloaded or bought from him, even through his recent move from Massachusetts to Florida.

Here are some of the topics we touched on today:

"One of the coolest things one of my [fans] has done for me is... took one of my photos on my Facebook and drew it and sent it to me... That just caught me off guard, I didn't expect it."

"I got where I am today just asking fans to tell their friends and family, and then their friends and family would hit me up and I'd tell them the same... Hopefully with the word of mouth it gets to the right ears, [and] somebody gives me a call one day, and I tell you what, if I got that call right now, I wouldn't miss that opportunity."

"I feel like that's actually a good thing, that there's more music out there, that it'll kinda bring the bigger guys down, and everybody will be on the same playing field... It's very hard to live off music, and I just feel like, as the record companies get smaller, and the independent companies will grow, it's gonna be a better thing overall."

Again, no radio show this Monday because it's a holiday, but the Monday after that (the 22nd), I will air this interview, and any other interviews that listeners want to hear. Give me a ring during my show between 2 and 4 PM (the number is 978-542-8500) or contact me on Facebook to let me know!

- Via