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Via's Journeys

Interview #5: Terence Ryan

Via Perkins

During the first hour of my show tomorrow, I will be interviewing independent artist Terence Ryan.

 Click the image to visit Terence Ryan's Facebook page.

Click the image to visit Terence Ryan's Facebook page.

We first met as freshman music majors at Salem State in 2009, and I still remember receiving a CD of songs he wrote in high school, and loving every track. I got to know his music better while we were in Robert Bradshaw's songwriting class together, and then he left school to pursue music in his own.

Since then, he's put his heart into producing music, and he has been gaining buzz through multiple social media sites, including Youtube, Twitter, Datpiff, and Facebook. Over the years, he has delved into pop, hip-hop, electronica, and singer/songwriter styles to craft his ever-evolving sound.

Listen in tomorrow to hear our interview around 2:15 PM!

- Via


Here's a bit of what Terence and I covered in our interview:

"I definitely want to perform more. I've actually been practicing... this new live show where I play live instruments along with having my laptop with me. So I'll loop Logic stuff... And I'll just play the accompanying piano, drums, or guitar."

"At first, most artists say they don't care about the money, or they just love to make the art for the art, and I'm still about that, but realizing that I could pay the bills and send my kids through college in the future."

"I think if you're an honest person and you work hard, that just shows, and I think you can weed out the people that don't really take what they're doing too seriously, as opposed to the people that really have a true passion."

I'll be sure to update when I air this interview again, so check back periodically...

Also, believe it or not, I only have two interviews left to go! I'm really leaning towards making Podcasts of all of these interviews, similar to what my friend Tony Papia did with his senior project when he was an undergrad at Gordon College (You can download the interview and performance that I contributed to it [#5] and any of the rest here). I want to be able to make the great perspectives expressed in these interviews available for anyone who's interested at their convenience. I'll update as I get further in that process!