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Via's Journeys

Interview #4: Xatatax (Ben Morse)

Via Perkins

Tomorrow, if all goes well, I will be interviewing Ben Morse from Xatatax (he the lead member of the band, pictured at the right in the photo below)!

 Click the image to visit Xatatax's Facebook page.

Click the image to visit Xatatax's Facebook page.

All of the members of this band attended the same high school in Natick as I did. The first time I saw them live, they were doing an acoustic set at the Walnut Street Cafe in Lynn, and I was really impressed. I hope to see them again, next time in all their amplified, distorted glory.

They work extraordinarily well together as a group, and their heavy music is purposefully written as well as skilfully performed during live shows. The visuals of their dark outfits and their intense onstage personalities don't hurt, either! 

It seems that the new link I posted for the first time when I last blogged is the only one that is working consistently now, so use it tomorrow between 2 and 4PM.

Quotes from the interview will be coming in a few days!

- Via


Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Ben wasn't able to make it to the studio today! Check back for our rescheduled interview.


I interviewed Ben today over Skype, and I will most likely air it during my show this upcoming Monday. We had a great time chatting, and I was intrigued hearing about his well-thought-out perspectives, past goals, and future dreams!

Here are some quotes for you:

"Originally [Xatatax] was just me saying, 'Play this exactly how it's recorded, and it'll be fine,' but... Now I've got these two other amazing musicians in their own right, and at their own instruments, who contribute so much musically to the band."

"Luckily there's a really big market for DIY right now, especially for metal, and for other harder genres of music... Touring is my greatest dream, I just want to tour. I just want to go all over the place, see the country, see other countries."

"[Making all our money from music] would be a perk. It would be something that would be really great if it happened, but with the music industry the way it is, I don't foresee that unfortunately... But, we're not making music for that... We'll keep making music no matter what."

As I am writing, the link I posted above in this blog is working, so with any luck, it should continue to work through Monday between 2 and 4. Tune in!