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Via's Journeys

Interview #3: The Dejas

Via Perkins

I am very excited to have Callie Lipton and Aaron Katz live in the studio tomorrow to complete an interview (and maybe play a couple of songs?!)

 Click the image to visit The Dejas' website.

Click the image to visit The Dejas' website.

This musical duo is well-known on the North Shore, and has been getting their name out more and more these past few years. It is clear to see that they are committed to their craft, giving 100% to their art by releasing music, networking, and performing constantly.

I don't know why I waited so long to buy their album Speeding Softly, but I am so glad I did so just recently! It is a lovely collection of lush, atmospheric ballads that the two have written, backed by a full band in-studio.

Be sure you listen in to the Modern Prodigal show tomorrow between 2 and 4PM on the radio (91.7 FM), or by using this link.

On March 19th or 20th, I will post some notable quotes on this blog, and let you know when I air the interview again in the upcoming weeks for those that can't listen in tomorrow. Check back soon!

- Via


I had a wonderful time with Callie and Aaron today during my radio show! Unfortunately, the online sector of WMWM was not functioning correctly, so the only way to listen was to tune in on the radio. However, Eric Roberts, the General Manager of WMWM sent me a link that is working at the moment, and which may prove more effective than the one I had previously been posting:

I was lucky enough to not only conduct the interview with The Dejas, but to also hear two songs from them. The first was a new song, "Save My Soul," which will be featured on their new album, and the second was "Beneath You," one of my personal favorite tracks on their album Speeding Softly.

Here are some quotes from the interview:

"The more we're paying our bills doing art, the more art we're doing, so the ultimate goal is for all of our income to come from the creative side of things." - Aaron

"It all really comes down to your own individual voice and song. You could autotune everything to death, and man effects that you think [are] going to hit the right algorithms that will sell, but... no one's ever felt the feelings in your heart, that's completely individualistic, and that'll never change." - Aaron

"When you're in the studio, you have a vision... and once you're in there, I think some of that can change, just from inspiration of the musicians you're playing with in there, different instruments in the studio - all of a sudden, there was a ukulele, and next thing you know I'm learning to play the ukulele, and doing a track." - Callie

"We aim to have our music heard by anybody, and... having [our] songs in the shows has been a good platform... we've had really good responses from it, so instead of going out and touring the world, you can have the television on, and then hear some music of ours." - Callie

Be sure to check back, as I will update again when I plan to air the interview and the live performance within the coming weeks!


I'm going to air the interview and the performance of two songs today during my show! Listen in to get some great insight on Callie and Aaron.