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Via's Journeys

Interview #2: Emily Correia

Via Perkins

On Friday, I completed my second interview, with the lovely Emily Correia, a friend-of-a-friend, and a fellow singer/songwriter.

 Click the image to visit Emily Correia's Facebook page.

Click the image to visit Emily Correia's Facebook page.

Fresh out of Berklee College of Music, Emily is a well-trained and experienced songwriter. I was drawn to ask her for an interview because I came across her page on Facebook, and I was impressed by how well she updated and interacted with her fans, who are responsive and supportive of what she posts.

She not only writes and releases her own work (including a five-star rated album on iTunes), but she also performs for commercials and voice-overs when she can. I enjoyed meeting her for the first time over Skype, and hearing her thoughtful responses to the questions I had for her.

Here are some tidbits of what's to come:

"Being surrounded by amazingly talented musicians who actually think... they can change the world through music... made me a better artist because I saw so many of these people believing in something that so many others doubt is a viable option for making a living."

"Anyone can write for fun or because they feel like it... but if you can write a song on command with a deadline or about a certain topic... then you can consider making money from it and doing it professionally."

"I've really been touched by the loyalty of fans... and I try to remember, once you've got them, hold on to them. 

"It just takes a lot of work to be, not just a good musician... but to be professional at it... and I want people to know that I pursue this career because I love it, and noticed others loved what I was making, so I wanted to get better at it."

Check back to this page to hear the rest, which I will air on my radio show in the next upcoming weeks - I will post the date and time here as soon as I decide on it!

- Via


I am airing this interview today, February 25th, between 2 and 4PM, live on the air! Listen here.