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Via's Journeys

Interview #1: Robert J. Bradshaw

Via Perkins

Yesterday, I completed my first interview with my first musician (and one of my old professors for multiple courses), Robert J. Bradshaw.

 Click the image to visit Robert J. Bradshaw's website.

Click the image to visit Robert J. Bradshaw's website.

He is a locally-based composer, songwriter, and a visiting lecturer at Salem State, among other things. His wide range of experience, and the unique, meaningful work he creates was what drew me to want to question more about what he does, and why he thinks his work is important.

After some research and trial and error, I decided on using a combination of Skype and Garageband to simultaneously conduct phone calls with my interviewees, and record the conversation while we talk. It was exciting to export my first mp3 of my interview series, which is about a little over 17 minutes long.

It also took me some time to figure out what I wanted to ask each musician, but I now have a working document that features two sections. The first set is a handful of personal questions tailored to each of the musicians' backgrounds, musical style, and future plans. The second features five broader questions, which are more focused on the music industry at large and how my interviewees see their place in it.

I am looking forward to seeing how the next few interviews will go - I knew I wanted to ask a variety of artists, of different ages, genders, and musical styles, so that the diversity in the answers can teach the listeners of these interviews new and unique things. I love comparing and contrasting answers that people in the same area of study, work, or trade give, because it makes me realize how many ways there are to approach the same topics!

While I edit the recording of my interview, I want to provide a few quotes to give a taste of what's to come:

"It's about being dedicated in your art, and confident in your abilities to do it. If you doubt yourself, you cannot succeed. And believe me, there are plenty of people out there who will be happy to help you doubt yourself."

"I want to help students with things that have given me trouble in the course of my career... my career is outside of academia, and so, I could not even begin to count the times I have been taken advantage of... I just don't want students to fall into those same traps."

"My art is not driven by making a paycheck... I'm the person who is searching for ways to make ends meet, and to have my art pay, but at the same time, I never put that before taking a risk in my art."

Check back to this page to hear the rest, which I will air on my radio show in the next upcoming weeks - I will post the date and time here as soon as I decide on it!

- Via


I am airing this interview today, February 25th, between 2 and 4PM, live on the air! Listen here.