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Via's Journeys

The Modern Prodigal Show

Via Perkins

Lo and behold, I am starting my final semester at Salem State University! For the past week and a half, I have been full of antsy anticipation, as I have many different projects, activities, classes, and work going on all at once. I am thankful for the privilege of having full, busy days (as long as I can find time to meditate and pray each day to keep me grounded!).

I thought I would use this blog to track the progress of one of my senior projects I am working on. This one is required to complete my music major. Most students who are concentrating in voice, as I am, choose to perform a recital as their senior project, but I wanted to take a different route. Here's an excerpt from the proposal I wrote for my music seminar class that explains my project:

            Reading and listening to interviews with musicians have always inspired me, shaping my thoughts about music, and expanding my understanding about songwriting, performance, music business, and many other topics. Therefore, my senior project involves interviews with local musicians... I will craft individual series of questions for each participating musician or group, depending upon the type of music they write, how much exposure they have gained, etc.

             My goal in interviewing is primarily to explore what it is like to be an independent artist in the Boston area today. The music industry has changed rapidly in the past few years, and although it can be easier for artists to get their work heard by larger than in years past, it is often more difficult to stay relevant because of our media-saturated lives – not to mention make money doing it. I want to hear how each artist chooses to deal with these realities, and how they combine passion and business, especially after acquiring a degree in music.

            An interview series is a great way for Salem State students and other listeners to learn more about musicians living and working in their area, and what sacrifice it takes to make the music that non-musician music lovers can often times take for granted... I hope my show will educate and inspire listeners, as well as bring attention and respect to my interviewees, while providing me with DJing, music organization, networking, and interpersonal skills.

As you may have noticed from the title of this blog, my show is called "Modern Prodigal." To explain it, let me take you back in time...

This is my best friend in high school, Deb, and myself, using a timer to take this picture as a band. We played original music, with both of us on guitar, and myself singing. We were originally called Breaking The Silence, until another band by that name got popular, and kicked us off Myspace (remember that site?). We slaved long and hard over a new name, and I finally thought of Modern Prodigal. Although the band no longer exists, I still wanted the name to serve some further purpose in my life.

The name originates from the beautiful story of the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-32. In the story, two sons each get their share of their inheritance from their father. One leaves home, and uses all of his money up on irresponsible activities. Broke, he sells himself into slavery for a man who refuses to even give him food from his pigs' trough. The son decides to go back to his father, so humiliated that he doesn't even feel worthy to be called his father's son. To his surprise, his father welcomes him back with a huge hug and a kiss, and throws a party for him! His father is just happy that his son is home, safe and sound, because he was "lost, and now he is found".

I am a Modern Prodigal. The only reason I am safe and sound today is because I have a father, God, who loves me, and I am so grateful for that! Every time I run away and am ashamed to come home, he embraces me and tells me I'm loved. That's ultimately where I get my confidence, where I get my drive to do anything in life. It is why I am interested in music, why I wanted to take a leap and try this radio show - he put those goals, desires, and dreams in me, and now I'm living them.

The Modern Prodigal Show will be airing on WMWM radio, 91.7FM every Monday from 2-4PM! Tune in on a radio, or listen online here.

- Via