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Mortal Kombat will always be my favorite fighting game of all time, but let's be real for a moment - Street Fighter 2 is the gold standard for fighting games. There will never be a better game, and any game that seems better is only there because Street Fighter paved the way. The characters were iconic, the music was legendary and the gameplay was smooth and easy to learn. I sadly didn't grow up playing this game, I had a Nintendo until the late 90s when the Playstation came out. The only fighting game exposure I had was Mortal Kombat on my brother's Game Gear... And the very unfortunately Tiger port of Street Fighter II... You can probably guess why there's no nostalgic attachment to the series.

However, after drawing my fourth Mortal Kombat illustration, I wanted to take a break and tackle Capcom's glorious contribution to the fighting world and do a Street Fighter II illustration. But it felt wrong to start with the second game, so I started with the first - a decision I almost immediately regretted one character in. Holy unoriginality, Batman! Street Fighter 1 might as well be named Knock-Off: The Video Game. We've got generic ninja, generic old asian martial arts master (2 of them!), generic punk rocker, generic blond Americans an Ryu might as well have been Player 1 from Karate Champ for the NES.

But whatever, I fought through it. Street Fighter 1, consider yourself illustrated (for probably the first time ever). With what little motivation I had left, I managed to crank out Street Fighter 2 - Which was 1000x more fun. Though I will say going with the "New Challengers" version made it more of a chore - I kept forgetting to draw Dee Jay and Fei Long because they're so unbearably uninspired. I needed to go with that version though because to not include Cammy seemed wrong.

I'm not entirely sure I'll do anymore from this series - I've never played the third one (or the forth... or the fifth) and the Alpha series has like a million characters and almost all of them suck.

Maybe I'll just doodle Akuma in a notebook and call it a day.