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Spawn was probably the last great superhero to come about in a long time. While there's certainly been some interesting ones to come along since the 90s, none have really reached the iconic status that Al Simmons has been able to achieve. It's cool to have been alive and old enough to remember the beginnings of a legendary comic book character.

While it was never a comic I got really into, I'd peak my head in from time to time to see what it was all about. I own a handful of comics, I watched the HBO animated series and even played a video game or two... Needless to say it's some pretty dark stuff and for somebody like me, requires small doses to really enjoy before getting deeply disturbed at the content.

But if there's one thing I can truly appreciate about Todd McFarlane's creation, it's the design. Visually speaking, these are some of the coolest looking characters out there. How does one resist the urge to draw?? Well draw I did, and I learned a valuable lesson along the way... Chains are a real pain in the butt to illustrate, and the characters of Spawn LOVE their chains. You'd think I'd have gotten better at drawing them by the end of this illustration, but nope... I've actually gotten worse because instead of drawing them better, I just sort of curl into a ball and cry.

We've all got our weaknesses.

Anyway, here's my Spawn illustration, and may I just say: I freaking love Cy-Gor. Enjoy!