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Sleeping in the Shadow of God

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Sleeping in the Shadow of God

As with most years, I spent some time making gifts for my brother, he usually asks me to draw him something every year (I got a free pass last year because of this little one) and this holiday season was no different. But while I usually do one illustration for my brother, I also came to realize how broke I was since having little Milo - So I made a few other gifts as well. Being an artist (if that's even what you can call me) is actually pretty cheap when done properly.

I won't just post everything I worked on this year at once because I'd like to have some content to post in the next few weeks, so I'll just post a little bit of what I did here and there to take up your precious time.

The first gift I worked on was for my lovely wife - For years she's asked me to draw a little girl sleeping in God's shadow. I've never known how to draw that, and while I did make one past attempt, it turned out pretty horrible, so I thought I'd give it another go this year: