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There's not much to say about this game. If growing up you loved Mortal Kombat and you loved Dinosaurs, then this game was pulled directly out of your most wild childhood fantasies and manifested as an awe-inspiring 90s arcade cabinet. One of my favorite memories was when me and my best friend's families would go on camping trips to Lake Ossipee, NH and we'd ride our bikes to the local convenience store and just waste all of our parents' money playing this game.

It wasn't quite as violent as Mortal Kombat, but it lacked in overall gore (which there was plenty of), it made up for with the character Chaos. He had two projectiles of note - puking and farting. To top it off, his fatality was called the golden shower. Use your imagination.

... I mean there's a ton more to the game than that, but where do you really go from there?

If you can get your hands on a copy, I suggest playing it.