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Mortal Kombat!

A while back I had drawn all the Mortal Kombat characters (see here), but thought it was time to give it another attempt - because being the creative type, I'm never happy with my old work (and let's be honest, those drawings kind of sucked).

In any case, rather than just drawing every character, I thought I'd go through each individual game. Then I thought it'd be easier to just do the first 3 games because, well, being the creative type, I'm also lazy.

I may do more of the games, but it's hard to motivate myself to go through with it because I really don't care much for the newer roster after MK3... Seriously, who wants to draw Reiko?

But whatever - enjoy these. DO IT.

(Edit: So I caved and did Mortal Kombat 4/Gold... Reiko was as painstakingly boring and tedious to draw as I thought he'd be. So were Jerek, Tanya, Fujin, Shinnok and Kai... Because Mortal Kombat hasn't created a memorable, worthwhile character since MKII... Maybe Quan Chi. MAYBE. Plus it was SUPER fun drawing every other character for a 3rd and 4th time, totally not a chore at all. Nope... Good lord, am I really masochistic enough to draw one of these for the next 5 entries in the series? ... Probably.)

(Edit: Oh dear... I really AM that masochistic! I did Deadly Alliance! Holy crap was that a chore.)