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Poem: Downtown by Daniel Griswold

Daniel Griswold

I write a lot, and that all started in High School in various notebooks and journals.  Here is a poem I called Downtown, which is literally made from images of Derry, NH's downtown area and my thoughts.


by Daniel Griswold
(submitted for Mr. V's Creative Writing Class, Pinkerton Academy, 2000) 


Roads and things like the comfort of downtown.
Buildings hug themselves as tingly rafters hang
over movement of awkward rat like cars and
rotweiler trucks deal with fertile snow that
falls to renew the horrific dusty railways and
homeless. The reeling crowds shop along the
streets, or at least they did thirty years ago.
Now you might see the lovely bikers along the
Perkey Cafe and the drug and senile line up
in friendship by the China Express where
young cats aren't allowed to play. Downtwon
is loud but rhythmic as clocks visually prompt
passerbys that their appointment was two minutes
ago. Schreeches from late cars peel along the ears
of the streetband that sings some Metallica, some
Ray Charles...Then the music shop lets out a
tune of gasping guitars to remind the fire dept.
to chime the hollow blow horn, that the end
of the day has come.