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The Electrician

Daniel Griswold

A while back in my life I wrote a song called The Electrician.  It is about an old man who has lived in the city all his life.  He's sitting, probably because he is a bit tired from a life of hard work, and he's thinking about all that he's done.  He has made light come to the city for his whole life and now that he's at the end of his life, it continues on.  His friends are dying, there are still shadows of evil in the world, but his dent was valuable.  He's ready to leave for "something green beyond."  He is about to die. 

I wrote this when my grandmother was passing away and she finally did.  I spoke the eulogy at her memorial service and it was beautiful, but I didn't mourn then.  This song has been my continual mourning for my grandmother.  Everytime I hear this song in my head - I remember her and her long life of hard work and sacrifice.  She brought light to the world, and that is what being an electrician is all about.  Listen to the song here, and the lyrics are below. 


The Electrician

By Daniel Griswold


On a stoop in the oldest city

An old man rocks up on on his stoop

Wandering slowly while the sky dims

And night begins to flow


He felt the beat within his heart

And held his hands before his eyes

Reaching deeper than hed ever dug before


Into the mind he’d owned by never felt

He looked beyond the streets with manholes

Where he’d made money as an electrician

And saw the light, flicker on in window sills

Feeling vaguely responsible for what he saw

It was a life worth living for him.


I think its time for me to go

Beyond the great city

Its time for me to know what ticks

Beyond this place


I wouldn’t have left the city until today

We pulled up cords to light the night til day

Now my muscles are tired and my friends are dying


To toss our boxes and see beyond the grey towers

Whose shadows cast brightly on the sidewalk

And I know there’s something green beyond!


I will see, I will see

I will see beyond the city


I will see, I will see, I will see

I will see beyond the city.