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Mark Marianelli

My last post sounded really depressing after reading it back... Instagram puts me in a dark place.

Anyway, I finally buckled down and finished drawing that character I had no real desire to draw. Then I drew a few more:

The character in question was Proteus - and if you're wondering which of these cats that is, it's the one you most likely don't recognize. Yes, the glow-y guy in the upper right. I was trying to pick some of the more well known X-Men villains, and while Proteus is in fact a well known character, his defining feature is that he really doesn't have any defining features. He's pure energy and he possesses people. Not exactly an artist's dream character.

Anyway, I had planned on including more villains to this illustration, but good lord X-Men villains are all massive in size it seems... Plus, as my last post clearly pointed out, my motivation is thin at best lately. Also my kids got me sick so all I want to do is sit around and whine to my wife about how sick I am. I don't even know who else I would have included.

This is meant to compliment the X-Men drawing I did a few months ago:

The X-Men one was kind of my chance to go a little more nuts with Photoshop and make everything shiny and bright - I generally avoid adding effects to my drawings because it teeters the line of 'too much lens flair', and as a graphic designer, that's just not a line you teeter on. I had half a mind to write "X-Men" in Papyrus up top.

In any case, it ended up looking pretty cool and I wanted another drawing to go with it and carry that theme over. Little known fact, not a lot of the major X-Men villains have shiny powers. I found myself resorting to things like making Blob's spandex glisten.

Anyway, I'm tired.
~ M.