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Street Fighter! ... The one everybody plays.

Mark Marianelli

I'm not gonna' lie, it sucked the life out of me to illustrate Street Fighter 1, luckily Street Fighter II kept me on life support. I mean, the whole reason I even drew the first one was so that I could get around to drawing the second - it's the OCD in me. Nevertheless - Street Fighter II has been drawn!

I decided to go with the New Challengers version of SF2 (there's a million versions). It felt wrong to not include Cammy, but it felt even more wrong to waste time drawing Violent Ken and Dark Ryu. New Challengers always felt like the complete cast of SF2, and seeing as I have no intention to keep going with the Street Fighter series, I figured why not just draw the version I enjoy the most? Though I can't tell you how many times I almost forgot to draw Fei Long and Dee Jay, so freaking uninspired.

I debated for the longest time which background I was going to go with, they're all pretty iconic, and while it would have made more sense to draw Thailand or the Air Force Base, I went with Dhalsim's India stage. The decision came down to one incredibly important factor - laziness. I didn't want to draw a jet and I didn't want to draw more people - I just wanted to draw an elephant, cut and paste that elephant 5 times with minor tweaks and call it a day. I chose laziness over art and nostalgia and I have zero regrets.

I don't have much else to say about the drawing. Had this been a Mortal Kombat game, I could go on for pages about it and my life's experience with it - but Street Fighter II was never a game I devoted much time to. Let's be clear - my bias is completely wrong, Street Fighter II is the greatest fighting game of all time. It defined the genre, every character is iconic, the gameplay is ahead of its time and to say the music is legendary is an understatement. But I never owned a Super Nintendo and the one time I did play one was when my brothers rented it on a trip to my grandparents. We played a lot of Street Fighter II that week, then my brothers got into a fight over which game to play next; My Grandmother intervened and the Super Nintendo was never played again... My Grandmother was not to be messed with - pure Italian strength.

Put her in a Capcom game.
~ Mark