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East Valley - A Web Comic

Mark Marianelli

Six AM Comics came to be when a friend and myself came up with the idea for a web comic named "Scholars". It was a humble comic about our high school experiences set to the setting of a college environment. Some comics were gold, others just silly, the rest were pretty rough. We rebooted it a number of times throughout the years and brought on another friend to help write. When it was at it's peak, we introduced a new web comic named "Dawn of Six AM"... It was basically the exact same comic just taking place in the character's adolescent years.

Both comics had their pros and cons. Scholars was always more visually appealing, but Dawn of Six AM was always just a little more charming and more relatable.

In the end, both comics came to a halt, but always felt incomplete to me. Scholars had an ending, but not much of a beginning. Dawn had a beginning but never really went anywhere. The two were always different, but not different enough to merit their own titles.

So I decided to combine them. I couldn't just slap a new name on the two of them and throw them both in a gallery though - I'm too neurotic. So I George Lucas'd it. I went back and added backgrounds to Dawn of Six AM:


I re-drew a couple Scholars comics with the children's versions of the characters:


and created a handful of brand new comics which helped  to bridge the gap between the different years being covered in those character's lives.


For kicks, I also looked at some old scrapped ideas we had come up with and tweaked them into presentable comics.


The end result? A complete web series named "East Valley". East Valley being the fictional New Hampshire town in which the series takes place.

I can't stand leaving things incomplete, so this was something I really needed to get off my plate before it drove me insane. Another reason I needed to get this finished is because I feel like I owe it to the other two guys who worked on these comics with me. This series always symbolized our friendship through the years, and to leave it incomplete and essentially imperfect just felt wrong.

So if you're interested, check out the series. There's 62 comics in total, and I may even add some of the comics I removed as bonuses.

Kevin, Dan - this one's for you guys.
~ M.