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Game Development Update 021 - Son'Uva

Mark Marianelli

As I alluded to in the 15th update, which I'm SURE you remember specifically, there is a third fighter I've been working on. I've had the animations mostly finished since I began coding, but stopped about 3/4 of the way through to work on the game's code before I lost interest and all that animation went to waste.

Given the game has reached it's first Demo landmark, I think it's safe to start incorporating some new fighters into the mix - especially when the majority of their animation work is already completed. That new character's name is Son'Uva, and in case you haven't gathered from the name of the game, she's the character the game is named after. Only she's not the protagonist, she's the big baddie:

Though she is the Final Boss, she'll still be playable, probably through means of unlocking her somehow. I had a lot of fun creating the moves and animations for this character because really, the intention was to make her as powerful as possible. She can create shadow doubles that attack from out of nowhere, explode to cause damage and then reconstruct herself from the remains, lift opponents with her mind, and the list goes on. Just watch her in action why don't ya':

That' finishing move isn't half bad either if I do say so myself. It's uncommon for a fighting game to have a female antagonist as the final boss battle, so I'm excited to use that concept with this game. The plot revolving around her isn't half bad either, but I'll have a lot of story fleshing out to do before this game is finished. I'll still need to create an alternate appearance for her for those occasions when you play against yourself in the game, so I guess I'm not 100% finished with her animations. The joys of color swaps.

Anyway - Chugging along.
~ M.