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Game Development Update 020 - THE DEMO!

Mark Marianelli

You read correctly, the game that for the greater part of 10 years only existed in my head has now become a playable demo with only a handful of glitches! I've basically finished the 'meat & potatoes' of this project and I thought rather than enjoying where it's at by myself, why not throw it out there and see if it's playable by somebody who doesn't know what's going on under the hood.

Like I mentioned, it's definitely got some glitches. I'll try and document the ones that I'm aware of as best I can before anybody starts complaining about them... And certainly if you notice any yourself, please leave a comment and inform me.

- If opponent is trapped in corner, you can essentially uppercut them to death quite easily without any defense or retaliation. I'm still not sure how to stop this from being a possibility although I've made some tweaks here and there to give the opponent a fighting chance of survival.

- Sometimes when the final blow of the match is an uppercut, the uppercut animation doesn't play and the fighter performing the uppercut gets frozen in a ducking position.

- This isn't really a glitch or bug, but it's incredibly easy to win at the moment. I've only coded the "easy" difficulty setting at this time- hard and medium are next on the list.

- Upon winning a round/match/whatever if the winner is in the act of walking left or right, they can remain walking instead of performing their victory animation.

- When Azriel teleports, the opponent can switch direction in mid-air - this shouldn't be happening.

- Sometimes blood animation doesn't play at all.

In any case, those are some of the issues I've found. I'm very sure that there's more just waiting in the shadows like ninjas, that's just what I've noticed to-date.

So without further ado, here's Demo v0.1 of "Son'Uva"! Be sure to read the controls down below.

Also, this game requires FLASH and a working keyboard - So if you're on a phone, don't bother trying it. Cool? Cool.