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Game Development Update 015

Mark Marianelli

I thought I'd quickly blog some of the progress I've gone through yesterday and today. I'm finding there's a significant amount of bugs in my code (which was to be expected), but I'm having a hard time duplicating them so that I can pinpoint where the problem is happening. Something isn't working one minute, then I try and recreate the scenario only to find that things seem to be working just fine... Then 3 hours later it happens again and I have no idea why!

The majority of issues are coming from trying to incorporate a "finisher" mechanism to the game, where the player wins and gets a few seconds to perform a finishing move. Sometimes it works great, other times it just glitches all over the place, usually when the CPU wins... Which I'm happy to say it finally beat me fair and square today! Why is that great? Because it means the AI is somewhat competent!!

We love competence.

I've made a couple updates to the HUD, the names of the fighters now display as well as a checkmark indicating how many rounds each fighter has won... Speaking of rounds, I tried adding them to the game this morning... Epic fail. I'll revisit.

I also took a break from the monotony of coding and began finishing up some work on another fighter...

Glorious! More to come with that character.

Anyway, here's where I'm at - you'll notice the video opens up with a very basic Character Select screen... It's nothing fancy, I just wanted an easier way to switch between characters for testing... Unless you enjoy that format, in which case, maybe my work is done, design-wise.

And there you have it! I'm off to bed.
~ M.