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Game Development Update 018

Mark Marianelli


Not that I'm the guy who rips off Mortal Kombat... But I'm totally the guy who rips off Mortal Kombat. I'd say sue me, but I really don't want to get sued. Consider it a homage.

In any case, I've taken the majority of the week to work on a finishing move animation so I can actually finish coding the actual match/round structure. After spending so much time animating, I was a little lost when I revisited all the code I had written. I probably won't take anymore animation breaks from here on out because it takes way too long to relearn a bunch of random numbers and statements.

But I wouldn't go through all that work without something to show you, so enjoy the carnage:

I also played around with the scenario of two players using the same fighter. I originally was just going to make one of the fighters be pitch black to distinguish the two, I wanted to waste more time and instead worked on a color swap. Could give the game some fun variety, here's how I spent a few bathroom breaks:

Anyway, more to come this week. Hoping to fine tune the match/round structure, give the CPU the ability to perform finishing moves, etc... Then it'll be on to menu work and all that good stuff.

But then, I get distracted a lot, so I guess we'll all just have to wait and see what comes next.

~ M.