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Game Development Update 011

Mark Marianelli

I'm trying to write this post as quickly as possible because I just got new glasses today and the adjustment to my new prescription is not boding well for me. Curse you, eyes! Oh the irony of having a visual job whilst suffering from poor vision. Why can't we exchange one failing sense for another? Like taste... Though some would say I already have poor taste.


I digress.

The game. Coming along nicely as ever. This weekend I feel has been the most accomplished thus far. I coded, I debugged, I cursed, I conquered and yet nobody will understand how great my victories were these past two days. I has been holding off on these updates because I knew they'd be a pain to incorporate into an already cluttered mess of actionscript. Well worth it though - I developed the player's ability to throw as well as perform two special moves. On top of that I even created a nifty little victory animation into the mix.

I'll start with the throw - It's not so much the animation that makes throws difficult, but getting the opponent to perform a series of movements based on the player's animated attack. In this case, the throw involves chucking the enemy into the air, teleporting upward and smacking the player back down to the ground. Speaking of teleporting, one of the special moves I worked on was a teleport move where the player appears behind the opponent just within striking range. The other special attack involves chucking a scythe at the other fighter and allowing it to come back like a boomerang.

I've never been a huge fan of special attacks in fighting games (although Scorpion's harpoon attack will always be as good a time as ever) they can be overused and cheap. Just play Street Fighter II and tell me playing against Sagat isn't the most annoying experience you'll ever go through in life. The word "Tiger" still induces rage to this day when I hear it. So I decided to take a stand against cheap attacks in my game with the induction of a SPECIAL LIMIT. That's right, I'm cutting all you cheapies off. I haven't figured out exactly how they'll be managed, I might make it so you can save them up as you go, or just set a flat limit for each round. For testing purposes, I'm limiting it to 5. The amount of attacks the player has remaining is indicated with a grouping of symbols below the health meter:

I may allow for some kind of cheat code to give you an unlimited supply, but I like the challenge it presents when your ability to be a cheap pain in the butt is taken away. I'm thinking about the player's ability to perform a finishing move may be dependant on having a special attack remaining.

I need to show off all the new stuff, so here's the usual video of the progress:

And there you have it! Time to give my tired eyes a rest,
~ M.