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Game Development Update 010

Mark Marianelli

Aaaaand the Game Development updates have hit double digits!

This is a fairly simple update, quick and painless. I found a number of bugs while I was playing through the current development of the game, I'll list a few for perspective:

  • Computer Fighter was freezing in various states upon being hit
  • Hit detection was occurring more than once during certain attacks, so instead of one hit, it was registering as 2, 3 and sometimes 4 separate hits
  • When clear and obvious hits were being landed on the computer, it was reading a "block" instead of a hit
  • Random animations were playing out of place

It was a hot mess. So I devoted this evening to fixing those bugs. It always baffles me how the simplest fixes take the longest time to figure out. I had to walk away from the computer and gather my thoughts a few times because my brain was beginning to feel like a pile of cords that I couldn't untangle... But I did it! Problem solved, crisis averted.

In the midst of problem solving, I even added in a few improvements; uppercuts send the opponent flying through the air and being struck in the air doesn't just drop you straight downward, but back a bit as well.

See for yourself while I now proceed to my bed:

Shleepy time...
~ M.