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Game Development Update 014

Mark Marianelli

They see me codin', they hatin'.

And my code is VERY dirty. It's an absolute mess. So much so that I had to go through and organize it, throw comments all over it so I could make sense of what the heck I was thinking in the weird hours of the night throwing together numbers and random variables. Well worth the time investment.

To date, I think I'm happiest with this update - I actually have a shadow of a playable game! I did some adjusting to the CPU's AI (random events, don't think it's anything fancy) and began applying the same hit detection to the actual player - so to sum up, you can play against the CPU and the CPU is actually capable of winning a round... Though you'd have to be pretty awful at this game to lose, it's currently VERY easy.

In addition to the game being able to play against you, I added a timer. To be clear, I hate time limits, they ruin almost every game I play because quite frankly, I like to take my time. Don't rush me! But it's kind of a staple of fighting games. It's also one of the best ways to beat a really hard boss, hit em' once and dodge, dodge, dodge! I've beat Goro many a time by running out the clock. Nothing too crazy about the timer, when it runs out, the player with the most life wins, the other loses. There is a scenario for a tie that I'm still tinkering with, but I won't get into that just yet... It's not ready.

Some other random tweaks I've made include handling scenarios where the CPU and the Player have selected the same fighter - Nothing visual to show, but the code is there to handle it and I'll most likely be looking into alternate costumes/color swaps for just a scenario. Like every update, there's a billion bugs I run into, my favorite this time around was that the AI would tell the CPU to perform duck-based attacks while in mid air, causing the CPU character to get stuck in the air like it was on an invisible bridge. You had to jump up and attack him with your fighter to get him to drop down back to your level. I hope there's some really cool bugs that I miss when this game is finished which create awesome rumors (Error Macro anyone?).

To show you that the game is playable, here's the usual video of the current gameplay:

That's all for now, maybe in another week or two I'll actually have a playable demo - no promises though.
~ M.