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Game Development Update 009

Mark Marianelli

I'm sure there's more work to be doing on the actual fighting mechanics, but I thought I'd take it easy this weekend and focus on the HUD system. Specifically the health meters - which are deliciously metal if I do say so myself. Check this bad boy out:

I couldn't really tell you the reasoning behind going all skulls & blood about it, I just didn't want to fall victim to the generic red bar/green bar health meter seen in so many other games. Hopefully it won't be too distracting because I freaking love it.

But my work didn't stop with just graphics this weekend, I worked in some coding here and there so that when you land an attack on the CPU, its health meter drops until you finally defeat it, at which point it falls to the ground lifeless. See for yourself:

Next steps - I'll have to apply all the work I've been doing for the CPU's hit detection on the player's hit detection, health meter included. Shouldn't be any harder than a little cut n' paste action with some word replacement. After that I'll need to work on the throwing logic as well as the special attacks.

Mark out!
~ M.