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Game Development Update 012

Mark Marianelli

This week was a little rough in terms of managing my time enough to work on the game, but I found some time here and there.

The major updates are more in the background, tweaking a lot of the hit detection so that I can easily apply it to when the computer hits the player, etc... But there were some noticeable updates too. The first of these was working on the throws. I worked in some defense AI for when the player attempts to throw the CPU. The computer now has the ability to duck or jump away if the player prepares to throw. I've had to work in a delay on the throws before they actually connect to give both fighters some time to react accordingly... Not THAT much time though.

I decided to switch up the fighters as well so that now I'll be playing as the other guy for the demos. It's very hard to resist the urge to create more fighters. I must be strong and code!

Special attacks - Each special attack is a unique instance that I hadn't really taken into account when I began designing this game. More than just creating another animation for the fighter, there's other factors that come into account - for instance, projectiles. Projectiles are kind of a pain because it introduces another object to the stage that acts independently of the player and has its own hit detection. Some special attacks involve the player moving around the screen in different ways than what was initially programmed for basic movement.

To account for all of this, I'm having to create entire different functions and timers which play as soon as you activate a special attack that override every other function and timer taking place at that time. That's just for the offense. I'm having to create a whole new defensive AI separate from what I already created to account for varying distances and hit targets.

My code is beginning to get confusing to browse through, and I'm pretty organized when it comes to this stuff.

There's a lot of other tweaks that I wont' get into like some fixed bugs and some additional animations. Next steps will be to continue to work on the Special Attack defense AI and add special attacks and throws into the computer's offensive arsenal.

For now, here's the good stuff: