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Game Development Update 008

Mark Marianelli

Hit Detection has commenced! It's actually starting to play like a real game - I'm a little emotional, this is probably my favorite update yet only because I didn't think I'd actually get this far into the development. I now have it so that if the player connects an attack and the computer isn't blocking, the computer will play it's "hurt" animation and even splatter a little blood in the process. If the computer IS blocking however, a nifty little "block" animation will play.

One of the fun little bonuses that happened when I activated the hit detection is that if the computer is in the air when it gets hit, it switches over to its "falling" animation - something I didn't even remember coding! But sure enough, I looked back at my code and there it was; it's like I have Actionscript pixies in my computer tweaking my sloppy programming while me and my computer sleep at night.

I noticed one glitch occurred where when the computer landed after being attack in the air, it didn't snap out of the falling state and everything kind of broke - I haven't been able to duplicate it, so here's hoping it won't happen again... But it probably will. Ugh.

Here's a little video of the hit detection in action:

I obviously don't have the hit detection working the other way around where the player gets hurt, but that will be the next step I suppose.

Progress feels good,
~ M.