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Game Development Update 006

Mark Marianelli

Another week, another stage of development.

I added a delay before the computer realizes you've moved out of its striking range. The reason for the delay is that without it, the computer acts as though it's mirroring your movements left and right. The delay gives the impression that it's thinking about following you, it also gives you time as a player to move out of the way of a barrage of attacks. It's one of those little details you don't think about until you start testing.

What else… I've also tweaked the computer's defense to only activate when your player is in striking range, so if you're both on opposite ends of the screen, the computer won't block or duck or whatever. Again, minor detail that makes more sense in testing.

One other small update was telling the computer to hold its blocks a little longer. So that happened.

Not a ton else in the way of development, it was a slow week. Adding those delays seemed like they'd be a simple thing, but it hurt my brain IMMENSELY to figure out the right logic to get it to work. I would start working, then just stop to think… Then need a nap.

I may create a new background to make the development videos a little more diverse. Maybe I'll swap out a character too. The code is hurting my brain.

For now, here's the latest. You'll see the delay in moving into striking range as well as the defense updates.