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Game Development Update 005

Mark Marianelli

I got back to work on some codin', I keep surprising myself with the progress. I have it now so that the computer will walk towards the player until they're in striking range, then run through the offense code. I ran into a couple of snags along the way, however. The computer would keep walking even if it was already pressed against the player, the walking was overriding the attacking functionality, and occasionally the computer would walk the wrong way. Fortunately I managed to fix those bugs, but I'm finding a few other errors in my logic along the way. Like how to determine how long the computer should remain blocking, how to get the computer to stop ducking when the player moves out of striking range, etc... I'm pretty confident I can get it all fixed though.

Like every update, here's a video showing my progress:

Off to bed, but before I leave, I have one confession to make - I recently came into the possession of a PS4 complete with Lego Marvel, and I'm sorry to say that there's a good chance I will be dropping all obligations in the coming days to waste numerous hours indulging in pure Lego ecstasy.

Mmmm, bricks,
~ M.