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Game Development Update 003.5

Mark Marianelli

I call this update 003.5 because it's more of an addition to the last update. Last night I was yet again battling sleep and trying to accomplish something before my body shut down, so the amount of work I actually got done is rather lacking. But even lacking is progress, so I'll update either way.

Basically I found some bugs in my code and I fixed a few. Boom.

I also discovered a major flaw in my AI logic. I was arranging the odds as "HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW", so in my mind there was a high chance that in easy-mode the CPU would just let you kill it. I won't get into the details of how that logic is a little screwy, but in a nutshell, there was a 2/3 chance the CPU would react to the player's attacks, so it outweighed what I thought was a high probability of the CPU letting you win. Not worth discussing, just take my word for it that I have some tweaking to do.



More to come,
~ M.