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Game Development Update 003

Mark Marianelli

I wonder how high these development update numbers are going to get... I remember I made the mistake of using Roman Numerals in my old blog when I was updating this game (thinking I'd only need like, 10 updates) and eventually just started titling my posts stuff like "More Son'Uva 4 u!" and "Son'Uva Update #whatever"... I think I played it safe using three characters for the numbering system... Oh how I hope that was a correct assumption.

I cracked down on some AI logic last night. I should have finished more of it, but I was fighting my body on how much rest I needed. I won... But is that really a victory?

The next few days are going to be incredibly tedious if what I worked on last night was any indication of how coding AI is going to go. It's actually not that difficult, just a lot of repetitiveness. It's easy to get lost in your code and have difficulty remembering where you left off... So you can imagine how maddening it was to doze off halfway through an if-then statement and wake up to a series of symbols and gibberish and have to start over. I should really do this stuff during the day. Stupid jobs.

Also, am I offending actual developers when I refer to "my code"? It's amateur-level Actionscript, I don't want anybody who knows what they're doing to read this and immediately hate me. Give it some time and THEN hate me.

I'm boring you, aren't I? Fair enough.

As I mentioned at some point, I'm developing EASY MEDIUM and HARD difficulties (not for selection screen purposes, but for progression throughout the game). Within those difficulty settings there's a few different scenarios that take place; Defense, Offense, and Counter-Offense. I've finished a snippet of Easy-Defensive that only applies to when the player is attacking from a Stance position. How specific is that?? Because it's an "Easy" setting, the odds of the CPU standing there and taking it on the chin are very high, the odds of the CPU blocking are medium and the odds of the CPU moving out of the way are low.

Like usual, here's a video of the interaction. I should note that these videos are just me fiddling with the keyboard, not pre-created animations. In case you suspect foul play...

Alright - Boring stuff. More boring stuff to come!
~ M.