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Game Development Update 002

Mark Marianelli

What did I tell you! I'd update something on this game every day, so help me God...

This particular update is probably a little dumb, but I got caught up working on something else last night and only had a small window of time before my body collapsed from exhaustion to accomplish something. I've got the CPU to follow the player around the screen if the player moves out of the computer's striking range (which I've figured out is 42 pixels... Long arms). Obviously when I start working on the actual AI the computer won't just follow you around like a lost puppy, but hopefully there will be some logic as to the computer's movements. For now though, I'm happy to have just figured out how to automatically make the computer switch to the walking animation and move towards you, then stop when it gets to an appropriate striking range.

I'm all about small victories.

If you'd like to see how it looks, here's a little video of it. I suppose it's not much for the viewer without seeing any of the code that goes into it, but I'd rather not bore you even more than you probably already are... The player is the grim-reaper looking guy in black, the other is the computer.

You know, I'm realizing my last post was incredibly vague about any of the aspects of this game and its history. I should clarify, yes?

The game was called "Son'Uva" - Stupid name, right? That's where it got its charm to me. The title came from High School with a friend of mine back when we debated creating a fighting game (remember I talked about how back in High School I assumed I could develop a game because I liked to draw? Oh teenagers). We were throwing around game names and I had shot down my buddies name, to which he replied "sonuva..." - This, of course, was an AIM (remember that?) way of writing "Son of a...", but I just read it as "Son'Uva" and thought he was writing name ideas - I loved it, so I kept it!

If you were one of the 3 people that followed my original blog, you were probably familiar with the game. Just look at all these posts. The animation was pretty much all I worked on for 2 years straight, so it's a little sad to be starting from scratch - exciting though. I'm determined to not let any of it go to waste, but that will be for another time. The original look and feel was more complimentary of my personal style, but there's something to be said for the simplicity of pixels; they let you focus on the development and less on the intricate details of illustration. Sure it's not as pretty as the hand-drawn stuff, but it gets the job done. Which is my aim in all of this - TO GET THE JOB DONE.

I could get lost talking about my ideas for the game, but I'd rather not - If you're at all interested, go ahead and read through all those posts I linked to, you'll get a pretty good feel for what the game is about. I aim to use all of those ideas and hopefully add a few things a long the way.

Stay tuned I suppose,
~ M.