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Game Development Update 028 - Music

Mark Marianelli

I was trapped on a tiny plane for a good 4 hours this weekend on my way back from Texas and was unable to use my laptop (compliments of the gentlemen in front of me who decided to put his seat back - yeah, I'm one of those people). The plan was to be somewhat productive as I would have 4 solid hours of uninterrupted, child-free time, however given my situation, I had to find another means of creativity - Enter FruityLoops Studio! I love my phone, and yes, it was on airplane mode... Can't say the same for the schmuck sitting next to me though.

Music is one of those aspects of game production that I put off until the very last minute because I'm not musically gifted. Sure, I played clarinet for most of my childhood years, but there's nothing entertaining about listening to a squeaky clarinet butcher "Home on the Range" while you play a fighting game. Thank god for programs like Fruity Loops - it's music for dummies and a dummy I am.

So whilst flying in the air, I cranked out this little ditty which will most likely serve as a theme song to the game to be played over an intro sequence or whatnot. Enjoy. Or don't. Art is subjective... And my track hardly constitutes as art anyway.

DS al Coda!
~ M.