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Game Development Update 025 - Gazael

Mark Marianelli

Another fighter down - one step closer to victory. 

Well, another fighter sort of down. I finished up the majority of Gazael's animations this weekend, she's still missing a finishing move and a clone/color swap. But there's enough of her finished to be dangerous.

It's amusing what a mess my code is currently. I've been adding on and adding on since day one to the point that I have a number of variables floating around that aren't even being used… At least I don't think they're being used, honestly I'm too scared to remove any for fear that I'll break the whole game. I'll have to do some house cleaning when this is all finished up. I noticed how screwed up my code is when I went to create a health regeneration move for Gazael and every time her health would go up, it would just immediately drop back down. Drove me out of my mind.

I won't bore you with the details though. On to the fun stuff! Below is an animation demo of Gazael in action:

~ M.