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The Brothers of H-Gate!

Mark Marianelli

My brothers and me used to play the game "Hellgate: London" before the servers were shut down (now recently reopened). I was a summoner, my brother Brian was more of a brute and my brother Matthew was a techy, gun guy. A long time ago, I drew a picture of us as our respective persona's in the game. You can read about it and see the original drawing here on my old blog (no longer updated). I always liked the drawing, but over the years it became a little outdated and I always wanted to go back and touch it up a little to be more in-line with the quality of work I create now (which is like, SO awesome, right?). So I did just that tonight.

You'll notice I scribbled the word "Hell" out on these. We used to call it "Frontier Gate" around our parents, more of a running gag with us now.

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As a bonus, I also did the following illustration a few years back. We used to play Starcraft like fiends. So in the same vein as Hellgate, I illustrated our respective personas in the game; Me being a Zerg, Brian being a Terran, Matthew being a Protoss:

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My family digital rocks!
~ M.