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The Many Gangs of The Warriors!

Mark Marianelli

I got a really cool commission request last week from one Ryan from CA. He liked my "The Many Faces Of..." series (does two illustrations constitute a series?) and requested a version for the many gangs of The Warriors 1979 film - too fun a request to turn down.

Since getting a Cintiq 13hd, I'm amazed at how quickly I can actually crank one of these out. Took me a couple days whereas the originals took me close to a month to get done using tracing paper and a lot of room for error.

It's hard getting a clear image of the majority of these gangs to work off of - I had to pause a lot of youtube videos and use screenshots from the video game to fill in all the blanks. I'm sure avid Warriors fans will find errors... Can't please everyone though. Luckily Ryan was pleased, and that's what matters. Here's the final:

Godzilla vs Illustrations!

Mark Marianelli


Finally finished up a series I've been working on for about a month now. For a long time I've been wanting to do some kind of Godzilla tribute because Godzilla is awesome and 100% worthy of homage. I had originally planned on one drawing with him duking it out with a few other Kaiju villains, but my OCD got the best of me and I had to do them all in a series of "Godzilla vs" scenarios.

I ended up illustrating 25 baddies that I believe are more of his more popular battles, but I know there's a handful of giant monsters I'm missing... Maybe I'll revisit these down the road.

 If you follow me on Instagram you've been seeing the progress on this one all along, but even some of those images have been tweaked since I posted, so if you're interested, check out the finals here!

Next on the agenda: I got a really cool commission request last week that I'll be starting tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have something else to post in the near future.

~ M.

Sith Wampa!

Mark Marianelli

Most years I do some kind of art project for my brother. Like the rest of the planet, he's been on a Star Wars kick with The Force Awakens just rocking everybody's world. He specifically loves Hoth Wampas. He's been itching for us to make a Sith Wampa drawing together and being the awesome brother I am - I did it without him for his Christmas gift... Not sure if that's nice or mean. Either way, I made a movie poster for his media room, so it's quite large.