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Instagram Drawing Requests II

Mark Marianelli

Back in March, 2016, I made a post on Instagram asking for drawing requests. To my surprise I actually received quite a handful, so I cranked out the first 10 and the response wasn't half bad. This past December, after I finished up my year-long obsession with drawing Marvel characters, I offered up the requests again... Here they are!

Marvel Illustrations

Mark Marianelli

Since February I've been illustrating a number of Marvel Characters... In total about 341.

Originally I was just going to illustrate the X-Men roster from the 60s through the 90s, then it became the Avengers from the 60s to the early 2000's... Then it just went of the rails and I had to draw as many characters from the Marvel universe as I could.

Once I finished those characters, I couldn't just leave it there. I drew all of these characters, but what for? ... So I drew six 11 x 17" backgrounds and filled all 6 of those backgrounds with the characters I had drawn, creating one mega compilation of my take on the Marvel Universe. I feel... Complete (ish).

Below is the final product, hope you enjoy!