My name is Mark Marianelli, and this is Six AM Comics!

Six AM is one part portfolio, one part creative outlet, and one part network. While I understand that in a competitive field such as art, a level of segregation is required to make a living (hence the portfolio aspect), I also believe that we as creatives desire more than what's expected of us in a 9-5, we need an outlet. Cartoons have always been mine. But even outlets can become something set apart and lonely. Which is why I feel the art community needs to set aside it's competitiveness from time to time and be simply what it's called: A Community.

So hit me up and let's talk art! konami


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Sharpie replaced! Proceed with sketching!



Sketch until your sharpie dies.


Playing Cards for the Sis

A year ago I told my Sister-in-Law I'd make her a deck of playing cards with illustrations of all our family... I told her I'd have it for Christmas... Christmas of 2013. So I had them ready for Christmas 2014. Because I'm super fast like that.

In any case, they're done and everybody is happy. So here they are for your viewing pleasure... Because who doesn't want to look at illustrations of people they don't know?