My name is Mark Marianelli, and this is Six AM Comics!

Six AM is one part portfolio, one part creative outlet, and one part network. While I understand that in a competitive field such as art, a level of segregation is required to make a living (hence the portfolio aspect), I also believe that we as creatives desire more than what's expected of us in a 9-5, we need an outlet. Cartoons have always been mine. But even outlets can become something set apart and lonely. Which is why I feel the art community needs to set aside it's competitiveness from time to time and be simply what it's called: A Community.

So hit me up and let's talk art! konami


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Welcome, Nolan

I'd just like to take a moment to introduce my baby boy. A week ago, August 9th at 1:56am, my little Nolan took his first breath into this crazy world.

I love you, kid. Welcome to the family.
~ Dad


Fly me to the moon...

I've been really busy... And by busy I mean I have completely been immersed in the magically delicious world of Lego Marvel Superheroes on PS4. I was being all productive these past few weeks too - but I'm realizing I've got baby number 2 on the way in a couple weeks (or sooner!) and I will never again have time to play a single video game until I'm in my 60's. So I'm getting it all in now.

But I took some time tonight to make this little ditty while watching Big Brother (Zach, you CRAY CRAY!). Hope you enjoy, it may be all you get for a while!





Technical Difficulties (wink, wink)